When you started your packaging business the hand packing was covering your client’s needs. But with time the business is growing and the number of client is increasing, at some point you will not be able to cover the client’s needs which guide you to; late delivery, time lost, unhappy customer…

At this point you start to consider expending your business, and to do that you need an Automatic Packaging Equipment not only to gain time but also to develop you brand.

For this step that you are going to take so you can keep up, you must have some knowledge about the development you want to make, there are some ideas that will help you to make the right choice of packaging equipment that will help you grow up your business and brand.

  • The characteristic of the product:

When somebody ask you about your product the answer is easy (coffee, milk powder, oil…), but when it comes to the packaging equipment the answer must be very detailed. If you are packing liquid, what is its viscosity? Is it like water or thicker?  If you want a machine to pack powder, is it free flowing like salt or is non-free flowing like milk powder? If you are packing solid, is it dry, sticky? Because all this details have an effect on the way of filling and determine exactly the type of machine you need, otherwise you will have a mismatch which will cause you a disaster.

  • The Style Off Bag:

Since there is many bag styles, you must determine the style of bag that is suitable for your business, and for your market place.

Take your packaging business to the next level is a big step, but without risks you can not progress. So you have to choose your packaging machine producer wisely and go for it.