Stick Pack Pouches Definition:

Stick Packs are a type of flexible pouch; they get its name from its shape, which is like a stick.

Stick Pack Pouches

They are sealed longitudinally along the back and across the top and bottom. The Stick Pack pouches are suitable for powder, liquid and granular products packaging such as Sugar substitutes, diet drink mixes, energy drinks, vitamin waters, honey, olive oil, instant coffee, salt, spices, ketchup, mayonnaise…

ReformPacking’s Stick Pack Machines designed specially to produce Stick Pack pouches for all kinds of products (Powder, Liquid, and Granules). In different sizes with high definition. The material can be paper or plastic, it can be printed and customized depending on the client needs.



  • Stick Packs are very easy to carry, because they fit into a lunch box, backpack, purse, pocket, briefcase, gym bag. They are very convenient to instant use and easy to pour into a bottle or a cup.
  • Another benefit of Stick Packs came from their ability to promote freshness and extend shelf life because they are single-use that makes them efficacious vs. larger packages that are opened and closed multiple times and introduce air, waste, and contamination.
  • The Stick Pack’s precise dosing fill and dimensional output reduces manufacturing waste.

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