Ketchup And Mayonnaise Packaging:

You are a contract packager or you have your own brand, and you want a reliable stick pack or sachet packaging solution for your ketchup, mayonnaise or other sauces. ReformPacking is the partner that you need to get the best filling machines for your liquids packaging business. With RFM-102S, and RFM-104D any type of liquid or paste product in the package type that you need.

Ketchup & Mayonnaise Filling and Packaging Process:

The process of filling and packaging of ketchup and mayonnaise is realized with a liquid filling system. Which is a combination of: a hopper that contains the product, a piston that open and close the passage from the hopper to a small containers that receive the amount of the product to be filled, and a servomotor to inject the liquid in the pouches passing by the filling tubes.

The hopper and the metal parts that have contact with the product are made of food grade stainless steel SS316, and the other materials are Food Grade Certificated.

The ketchup must be maintained warm during the filling operation provided by the warming process, otherwise it will lose its fluidity, and will be stuck in the filling tubes.

The Warming Process:

To achieve this process, the hopper must be made of double jackets. Hot water flows between the double jackets of the hopper. The external jacket is linked to resistances, which maintain the water heated to keep the ketchup fluid. The temperature of water is controlled from a friendly-use touch screen.

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