Coffee Filling and Packaging:

Whatever is the type of coffee that you want to pack (there is instant coffee, 3in1 coffee, coffee beans, Turkish coffee, grounded coffee…), and the bag style you choose for you product (stick pack pouches, sachets, pillow bags, gusseted bags, quad seal bags), ReformPacking have the right packaging solution for you.

We are going to talk about every type of coffee and our packaging solution for it.

Coffee Filling and Packaging Machine

-Instant coffee Packaging: Generally, this type of coffee is packed is stick packs, and the weight of the product is between 1.8 and 2 grams. Our Stick Pack Machine for powder products is the packaging equipment that you need. There is also another form of instant coffee like Nescafe Gold, it’s granules, for this type our RFM-101S model is the right packaging solution for you.

Coffee Filling and Packaging Machine– Coffee Beans Packaging: this type of coffee is packed in different bag styles (pillow, Gusseted, and Quad seal pouches) with three specific filling systems; The Volumetric system, the weigher scale filling system, and the Multi-Head Weigher filling system. RefomPacking offers RFML-102S, RFMM-400, and RFM-109 as trusted packaging equipments to respond to your packaging needs.

3in1 Instant Coffee Packaging: this mix Coffee Filling and Packaging Machineof coffee, sugar, and milk powder is filled in Stick Packs generally, the weights are 15 to 25 grams, and our RFM-103S is designed to pack this type of coffee mix.

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