HFFS Machine for powder products
HFFS Machine For Powder Products

HFFS Machine for powder products:

Our HFFS Machine for Powder Products is an economical and effective solution to pack your powdered products such as coffee cream, 3in1 coffee, cacao, powdery chemicals, drugs. In 3 or 4 side Seal Square or Rectangular shaped sachet with different sizes. A high speed, performance, and precision. These properties are insured by an Auger Filling System driven by a Servomotor. The machine does the forming, the filling, and the sealing automatically.

The Speed of the HFFS Machine for powder products  varies between 30 and 100 sachet/min this variation depends on the product and the weight. This Machine is very flexible, the width and the length of the sachet can be changed, the smallest sachet size is 50×50 mm, and the biggest is 150×150 mm.

Why you should choose ReformPacking’s Horizontal Packaging machine:

-A professional team of technicians manufactures ReformPacking horizontal machines for powders.

-The machnes are manufactured under the European Economic Area standards (CE certificated).

-A 2 years guarantee is offered that covers for all electronic, pneumatic, and electric parts.

-An after sales service that provides to the client all the support needed to keep the machine working in case of any issue.

-Every machine is equipped by SIEMENS PLC control system and 7 inch colored touch screen.

-The body of the machine is made from stainless steel SS304, the internal parts that have contact with the product are made from stainless steel SS316.

-All ReformPacking’s machines have been; designed to run 24/7.

-ReformPacking’s machines give Perfect results with low consumption of Energy and Air.

-Low maintenance and low operating cost.


Weight Range 1 – 100  GR (Adjustable)
Bag Width 50 – 150 mm (Adjustable)
Bag Length 50 – 150 mm (Adjustable)
Number of Lines 1 Lines
Speed Min: 30 Sachet/min – Max: 100 Sachet/min
Applications Suitable for packing powdered products non-free flowing products, such as coffee cream, 3in1 coffee, cacao, powdery chemicals, Drugs…etc
All the specifications of the machine depend on the product, the filling quantity, and the packaging material quality.          

Manipulation of the machine:

  • RFML-107Y is Fully Automatic and its function based on two systems: Pneumatic and Mechanic, which make the manipulation of the machine quiet simple.
  • One operator is enough to operate the machine.
  • All the settings of the machine (bag length, weight, sealing heat and time, speed), are changed easily from the friendly touch screen.

Installation Of The Machine:

  • ReformPacking provides the installation of the machine and a free training. When the machine arrive to the client site, and after preparing the electricity and air compressor needed to run the machine, we will send a technician to do the installation of the machine, and give a training on how to run the machine.
  • Generally, the process takes two to three days.

What Is The Price Of the Horizontal Packaging machine:

  • The price of the horizontal packaging machines depends on the options that you want to add to the machine.

Optional Features:

The Automatic Feeding System:

This equipment ensures the filling of the machine automatically with product. The machine is equipped with a level sensor in the Hopper, so when the level of the product decreases in the hopper the level sensor gives a signal to the PLC, which gives the order to The Automatic Feeding System to get to work and fill the hopper with the product.


A notch made on the top of the sachet to make the opening easy for the consumer.

The Conveyor Belt:

This equipment; is used to transport the finished product (the sticks) from the machine to the box or anothear section after the packaging process.

Date coding system:

Date coding is the marking of each product after production with a date. Every product produced on site has a batch and date code, which allows each ingredient or part to been traced back to origin and makes each product traceable. Date coding is used in each branches from the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, cosmetic industry and beverage industry. This can be either the date of manufacture or expiration, the best before date , the sell-by date, or the use-by date.

There are two types of date coding system:

1- The Ribbon date coding system:

Automatic One-Line system, with High Speed Coding works on various packaging machines. The message to be printed is the manufacturing and expiration date maybe the number of lot. The date coder easily composed by just assembling the stereos (easily changeable) on to the print drum. The Inking system consists of a rechargeable circular cartridge; fully enclosed allowing the use of fast-drying & indelible solvent-based inks for porous and non-porous surfaces. The whole assembly is mounting directly on the packaging machine and the packaging film passes over the roller of the bracket.

The PLC or controller takes the signal from the print sensor proximity or eye mark sensor & gives signal to the DC Stepper Motor to turn the print drum automatically at the synchronized speed with the film to do the coding/printing at the exact location.

2. Inkjet Date Coding Machine;

Designed for low duty applications. The Inkjet coding machines the perfect product to fulfill applications that involve printing codes 8 to 10 hours per day / 5 days a week. The printer is engineer to keep your line up and running longer. It is design for customers with simple coding needs and is ideal for the food, beverage, and chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and personal care/cosmetics industries.3040/5570 Thermal transfer printer: You can print on a package the production date, expiry date and serial number in a 30X40 mm/ 5570 mm printing area. The fonts and the sizes of the letters can be change via computer. It changes the date automatically