Gusset bag definition:

Gusset bag and without getting too technical, a “Gusset” is essentially material that is added to a flexible pouch to create more space and strengthen its structure. Typically, a Gusset is added to either The Sides of a bag or the Bottom of the bag. Both styles provide brands and consumers with a unique array of advantages and features.

Gusset bag

Side Gusseted Bags: usually take up less space on the shelf. Some would argue, however, that side gusset bags are less aesthetically pleasing as a shelf display. But overall, side gusset bags still provide plenty of canvas space for displaying and marketing your brand – it mostly comes down to personal preference. Side Gusseted Bags are a popular choice for snack food packaging, dry ingredient packaging and even frozen food packaging.

Gusset bag

Bottom Gusset Bags: stand upright and tend to be more versatile in terms of size and shape. In other words, not all Bottom Gusset Bags have to be box-shaped. However, as mentioned above, the overall size of a Bottom Gusset Bags is often larger than a Side Gusseted Bags, even if they are holding the same volume of product. If you choose to go with a box pouch style, however, you will have four sides available to advertise your product. Bottom Gusset Bags are commonly used for confectionary packaging, pet food packaging, and coffee packaging

ReformPacking Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machines designed to produce Gusseted Bag pouches for all kinds of products (Powder, Liquid, and Granules) in different sizes with high definition and high speed.

Benefits of the Gusseted Bags:

  • Increase filling volume
  • Can hold an increased amount of weight.
  • Gusseted Bags recommended stand-up packaging option for brands that want more space to display their product’s unique features, and nutritional facts.
  • Give good display on shell.
  • Gusseted Bags are easily printable on all the four sides.

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