Four Side Seal Sachets Definition:

Four Side Seal pouches also referred as a Flat Pouch or a Sachet. This pouch format is a good option when package uniformity is a priority. By sealing the pouch on all 4 sides made them robust, not able to flex, curve or balloon, and gives better security from leakage, which are nowadays popular in the market owing to its strength. For example, in some cases, multiple Four Side Seal Sachets are packed in a folding carton or a box, the box is then displayed on shelf for retail allowing consumers buy multiple packs in a carton. This style is suitable for powder, liquid and granular products.

ReformPacking’s Four Side Seal Sachet Packaging Machines and Horizontal Form Fill Seal Packaging Machines are designed specially to produce 4 Side Seal pouches for all kinds of products (Powder, Liquid, and Granular products) in different sizes with high definition. The material can be paper or plastic it can be printed and customized depending on the client needs.

Four Side Seal Sachets

Benefits of 4 Side Seal Pouches:

  • Economical flexible packaging option
  • Good package security from leaking
  • Give good package uniformity for cartoning.
  • Easy of access to products with tear notch
  • Can be used for high speed packaging applications
  • Economical storage and transportation
  • Metalized and non-metalized material structures can be used

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