Investing in an automatic packaging machine is a big step but if you are ready to take this step we prepared for you some tips and information about automatic packaging machines and answers to frequently asked questions before buying an automatic packaging machine.

Frequently Asked questions

What is the price of an automatic packaging machine?

The price of an automatic packaging machine depends on the machine type, the optional features that you need with the machine, the speed of the packaging process. So the more customized is your machine the more you can expect to pay.

What is the right machine for my project?

We offer different type of machines, so how can you know which machine is the right choice for project. The answer of this question is too easy; depending on your product, the range of weight, the type of package our team (sales man, technician) recommend to you the best solution for your business.

Is it easy to operate a ReformPacking machine and how many operator do you need?

ReformPacking’s Packaging Machines work with two main systems Pneumatic and Mechanic that make the machine very simple and easy to use a person that never worked with this kind of machines in three or 4 weeks will be able to manipulate the machine very easily.

To operate a ReformPacking Packaging Machines you will need just one person because it is a fully automatic machine, the work of the operator will be checking up on the machine more than operating.

What types of flexible packaging machines do you offer?

Mainly we offer a variety of packaging machines that can satisfy almost all requirements.