Adaptable Contract Packaging Machines with minimum lost time,

Reputation is everything for a Contract Packager. To be able to do this type of business you need to attract and keep loyal clients, this is the reason why you need Packaging equipment that is rugged, and offers the right packaging solution for your clients.

The Contract packager sales in big quantities, so when there is a problem in the packaging Machine this means Downtime, which lead to late delivery, and money lost. To avoid that you need reliable packaging equipment that keeps running day after day.

When you deliver on time, with the same quality, time after time your customer will never think of searching for another supplier.

  • REFOMRM PACKAGING MACHINES promote easy changeover, quick and minimal maintenance needs so more time spent on production increase the capacity of delivering the client order in time.
  • You can count on our equipment to provide the packaging integrity and speeds your client’s desire.
  • Whether you are doing long or short contract packaging runs, REFORM’s easy-to-use machinery will provide maximum throughput and high yield. You will calculate our equipment to supply the packaging integrity and speeds your clients’ desire.